Karen Ann Hitt Original Plein Air Oil Painting Copyright 2016

Purple Mountains Majesty Above Fields Of Gold 8.25 x 29 Plein Air Oil by Karen Ann Hitt

Mountain top views remain in our view, the temperature of our valleys are ever changing with each harvest, each season. This Plein Air painting was inspired by the light hitting the fields of gold.  The urgency to capture the inspiration came when those fields of gold began to be harvested... making them green, not gold.  Note the right side of the field below the Colorado ski runs, the harvest had begun!  _____________________________________________

An Original Hitt presents original paintings, along with the teaching schedule, exhibitions and current events of artist Karen Ann Hitt.

Karen's paintings capture influential daily moments, and the lasting effects these memories play on our hearts and minds throughout our lives. These paintings, as landscapes, studio commissioned portraits, or out doors in ‘plein air’ accentuate the effects of light to the scene adding to the luminosity of Karen’s award winning artwork.


copyrighted 2016Winner Best Floral-
6th annual
Plein Air Salon
Plein Air Magazine
Cindy's Gift
10x12 Plein Air Oil on Linen

Have Dock WIll Peer by Karen Ann Hitt Copyrighted

Winner Best Acrylic Overall- 6th annual Plein Air Magazine Plein Air Salon June/July 2016       Have Dock Will Peer 7x5" Acrylic by Karen Ann Hitt

it is also featured at  Featured Artwork



copyright K Hitt 2017

Last Light-Forgotten Coast 30x40" Oil on Linen by Karen Ann Hitt Featured Artwork

full story on the creation of this painting (here)



copyright 2017 K Hitt

"Silent Thunder" Plein Air Oil on Linen

this Fresh OFF the Easel will be available at Plein Air Convention & Expo 2017 


Recently Awarded:

The Ladies And The 1953 Golden Jubilee 20" x 24" Plein Air Oil by Karen Ann Hitt

winner of "Outstanding Landscape" 

at the W.P.S.E. Exhibit.  This painted en Plein Air at a families farm of a  tin trimmed barn riddled with bb gun test runs from the kids testing their skills.  Two of the last horses from the farms stud line, being fed by the eldest daughter.  The working 1953 is actually the newest edition to the heritage here...  One of my favorite details of Plein Air Painting is the capturing of history... while it is still with us to view.

Painters Paradise was 1st available at the Oil Painters of America 25th Annual National Exhibit at Southwest Gallery. See more by clicking on the image and also visiting the Fresh Paintings Page

it is also featured at Featured Artwork.

Superiors Towers Plein Air Oil by Karen Ann Hitt

Superior's Towers 8.25" x 12" Plein Air Oil by Karen Ann Hitt

1st Place Winner Summerfest 2016 VAC, Venice Florida, July 15- August 18th 2016 painting finally shared back in Venice after being included in the Oil Painters Of America 2015 Salon Show,

Beverly McNeil Gallery Birmingham AL

Artist Studio Life With Lemon And Blues Choices by Karen Ann Hitt copyrighted 2014

  Artist Studio Life With Lemon And Blues Choices 12x16 Alla Prima Oil On Linen

Bear Lake Centennial View by Karen Ann Hitt Copyright 2015by Karen Ann Hitt (click on image for more information on this painting recently published in Fine Art Connossiure Magazine on display now at

An Original Hitt Fine Art & Atelier)

Bear Lake Centennial View 8x10 Plein Air Oil On Linen by Karen Ann Hitt (click on image for more information on this painting available at the Plein Air Artist Colorado 20th Annual National Exhibit)

Adirondack's High Life sold

Plein Air Oil Painted at the Publishers Invitational, leg VII, Grace Love Fellowship Tour, for the                  

2015 One Woman "At That Moment..." exhibit of paintings from Karen's 21,000+ mile Solo Road Trip & more. 'my story' as promoted in Plein Air Magazine you may request that here

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